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Why Counseling


Long-Term Counseling

Looking at the Cause:

The goal of this therapeutic process focuses on client's working through their feelings to increase self-awareness and gain insights into the root of their conflicts. The recommended amount of sessions for this method is based on clients needs and commitment of self-understanding.

Benefits of Therapy:
* Have the opportunity to talk with a professional about troubling or private concerns.
* Speak with a skilled and interested professional about your fears & concerns.
* Understand your own thoughts, feelings and responses better.
* Feel better about yourself and others.
* Reduce stress (which promotes physical health too).
* Work through problems by gaining understanding and renewed perceptions.
* Identify your goals (those which can support the kind of life you would like to have).

The main purpose of counseling is to assist individuals in obtaining a better quality of life. Essential in helping clients' achieve this is to create a climate in which they can examine their thoughts, feelings, actions and eventually arrive at solutions that are best for them. This can be approached in two ways.

Brief Counseling

Looking at Symptoms
The client presents current problems and the factors influencing them. Through self-contracting, coping skills, and initiating goals the client improves their environment. Recommended for this problem solving method is 5+/- sessions.
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